Jason Reid is a successful entrepreneur, husband, father - and man on a mission.



Jason is cofounder of National Services Group,



Which operates across the USA, employing over 2500 people across three separate brands.



He is also partner at CEO Coaching International, where he coaches CEOs around the globe.


…But today, Jason is focused on something entirely different.


Tell My Story is a new approach to mental health and suicide prevention in young people.

One year ago, Jason’s son Ryan died by suicide. It was a week after his 14th birthday.

This changed Jason’s life forever.

As a husband and father, Jason was hit with a devastating blow of grief, loss and despair. The truth was almost too painful to comprehend: his son had struggled with depression in silence and in secret. And suddenly, he was gone.

Over the next year, as Jason had time to grieve and begin to pick the pieces back up in his personal life, there was a question looming: how was this possible? And further: how had he missed it? As someone deeply involved and connected to his kids, how had he not seen the signs that Ryan was struggling?

There were no clear answers. But as a man who had built his entire life on the principles of taking ownership for everything that happens to you, there was also no way Jason was willing to remain idle. Instead of pulling away from the pain, he decided to push towards it.

Jason is determined to reach every parent and every family about the conversation they need to be having with their kids.

The Documentary


To reach parents across America and ignite a movement, Jason has teamed up with Philippe Diaz, Founder and CEO of Cinema Libre Studio, to create TELL MY STORY: a full length documentary that will radically shift the conversation in our culture about youth mental health and suicide prevention.

Philippe Diaz, known as one of ten “Moviemakers Making a Difference” by Movie Maker magazine, is determined to create an impactful film with Jason that will not only touch many lives, but change many lives. Cinema Libre Studio has released 200 films in just 14 years of business. Diaz and Reid are determined to reach many with Tell My Story.


The film will interview families, doctors, counsellors, experts and leaders to explore:

  • Families need to be talking about mental health and asking the right question

  • Parents need to take ownership for their kids mental health the same way they do for their physical health

  • The importance of vulnerable conversations about depression and suicide


Join Jason on this mission to change the conversation and help families take action on supporting our young people.

Everyone knows a kid.


From Jason’s TEDx talk, December 2018:

In March of 2018, my 14-year-old son took his life in the attic of our home while we were away on vacation. My seemingly perfect life was shattered to pieces. I was raising beautiful, smart and happy kids in my eyes. But what was really happening behind the scenes, deep in the soul of my son was hidden.

We need to ask the right questions, as parents. We need to have more vulnerable conversations with our kids. And we need to take ownership and responsibility. When your child is physically unwell, we all take ownership of that and make sure they get the help and support the need. So why don’t we have the same attitude when it comes to their mental health?
— Jason Reid

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